FCC FibreCableConnect GmbH develops and manufactures fiber optic cables for laser beam delivery up to 1 kW laser power for industrial and medical applications. Also fiber bundles, probes for spectroscopy and optical coupler.

Fields of Activity

  • High Power Fiber Cable for industry.
  • Laser beam delivery cables for medicine.
  • Optical fiber bundle for probes and spectroscopy.
  • Optical fiber coupler.


Range of Services

  • Complete solutions from design develop through model a prototype and manufacture the line.
  • Assembling of single- and multimode fibers in the range of wave length: UV-VIS-NIR.
  • Development of tailored customer- and application-specific solutions.


Research & Development Activities

  • High power laser beam Delivery into single mode fibers.
  • KW-Power for multimode fiber cables.


Current State-of-the-art Technologies

100 µm fiber cable with SMA-Connectors for 500W laser power.